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Jellkees started with the acquisition of our first Keeshond RONPHLORA ALEXANDER.
In 1985 we were living on 5 acres at Box Hill, NSW along with numerous horses, two long haired miniature dachshunds, and a cat! Being a little isolated, with few near neighbours, I thought that perhaps we should also have a somewhat larger dog as well as the two little ones After much reading about various breeds of dogs, we decided that a Keeshond would fit in perfectly with our family and the animals we already had.

So we contacted the NSW Canine Association for breeders in Sydney and were lucky enough to be given the name and phone number of Ron and Phyllis Ogston of RONPHLORA kennels. After contacting them, and visiting, going through an inquistion on why we wanted a Keeshond, and our previous experience with dogs, and seeing the puppy available, we ended up being able to buy Alexander ("Lex") in 1985 - purely as a companion dog, a role that LEX filled to perfection.

Two years later we wanted to add another Keeshond to our family, and bought RONPHLORA FIONA who was my first show dog. Finding that I enjoyed dog showing, I again approached the Ogstons and was allowed to buy RONPHLORA MITCHELL in 1989 and RONPHLORA PETRONELLA in 1990. I was really very, very, lucky that Ron and Phyllis let me have the pick of the litter both times with Mitchell and Petronella. Some time ago Gill and Debra Parry of Zilvervos Keeshonden in Adelaide also paid us the highest compliment by allowing us to have the pick of the litter from the very first litter sired by their imported dog Gr Ch Windrift's American Prodigy (Imp USA) and so we now have Grand Ch Zilvervos Llewellyn here with us. There are not many breeders who will be that generous, and if it hadn't been for these two lots of breeders and their generosity, I would not have the wonderful dogs that I have had over the years and still have do to-day.

We bred our first litter in 1992, in 16 years we have had only 6 litters. We have always tried to breed the best quality Keeshond we can. We really believe in quality not quantity and therefore only mate the best we have. If we could not do that, we would rather not breed than settle for second rate. We breed very little, and only when the need arises for us to have a litter for something to show, and as we do not believe in just getting a dog titled and immediately retiring it from the showring to breed, our litters are normally years apart. We don't breed just to provide the public with puppies. We do not believe that just because we own dogs that they have to produce litters to "earn their keep." On the infrequent occasions that we have had puppies available, we have taken the utmost care to ensure that they are placed in appropriate homes, where they will be loved and cherished. All of our dogs are raised in the home as part of our family.

For family reasons we sold up in Sydney in 1991 and in February 1992 made the big move across the Nullabor Plain to Perth, where we are still living. Of course we brought our dogs with us and continue to show very successfully here in Western Australia.

We enjoy showing our dogs, and have done really successfully over the years. We continue to show our dogs once they have achieved their Australian Championship Titles, until they are about 5-7 years. They then compete in the occasional Veteran's Class as they still enjoy being shown at an older age. Our dogs, although small in number, have achieved a great deal during their individual show careers including a great deal of "Firsts" for the Keeshond breed here in Western Australia, including one becoming the Breed Record Holder for show wins and the very first Grand Champion ever in the West, another being the very first Keeshond to ever win Best Exhibit in Group at the Western Classic and another one becoming the very first Keeshond to win Best Exhibit in Group at the Perth Royal and we are very proud of them.

So take your time, have a look around and I hope you enjoy your visit.

Jellkees Keeshonds
Perth - Western Australia
December 2008

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